Apex Legends breaks Steam's concurrent player record

Apex Legends breaks Steam’s concurrent player record: The Apex Legends community is passionate about their game of choice. Particularly when they aren’t plotting a strike over bugs or railing about exploits that turn Gibraltar into an unstoppable bubble machine.

Therefore, it was only natural that many of these players raced to celebrate the achievement. When it learned that the game had surpassed its record for the number of concurrent players. According to statistics from SteamDB.

However, an intriguing reason for the unexpected rise may discover deep inside a Reddit discussion populated by happy Apex.

Apex is experiencing success, but you may surprise by its roots.

User PikAtChuHuN shared an image of the game’s SteamDB page, showcasing a new record peak of 468,603 concurrent players, which later that day increased to 511,676, with the caption: “Apex Legends just hit its all-time peak today on Steam since release.”

PikAtChuHuN posted the image on the Apex Legends subreddit to start the thread in question.

Users wera125 and Gcarsk noted that the number had been high enough to place Apex at number eight on SteamDB’s list of the top ten highest concurrent player counts ever recorded, which is headed by games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and CS: GO.

The Apex community reacted to this news with joy and disbelief, with wera125 exclaiming: “Jesus Christ, the previous one was 330k or something like that.”

One user, DaveLevv, speculated on the causes of the unexpected rise, saying. “Hopefully, there are a lot of new gamers like myself.

LetsGetHIvern said, “Two words. I began ten days ago and have farmed every game. The Kings Canyon

Users Snapple man and notice provided a different explanation for the random spike. Claiming problems with the game’s Origin client that had them play it over Steam instead.

This testimony somewhat disproves the claims made by some other users. Who gained popularity by arguing that the peak was proof of the “no Apex August” initiative. The name for the strike that some disgruntled players proposed back in June—had the opposite effect of what it had intended.

Funny enough, some players in the forum were there to bring attention to problems. For example, user da fishy asked: “You’re telling me there are 468k concurrent players and some way they can’t manage to keep predators out of platinum lobbies?”

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