Clashes in Iraq following cleric's resignation

Clashes in Iraq following cleric’s resignation: After three suffered engine fires, the US Army grounded its fleet of dependable H-47 Chinook helicopters, an emblem of US conflicts from Vietnam to the Middle East, the army said on Tuesday.

Due to what engine manufacturer Honeywell referred to as “suspect O-rings” used in some of the aircraft that did not satisfy its criteria, the move will force 400 heavily armed, heavy-duty Chinooks out of service.

According to Army spokesperson Cynthia Smith, “The Army has discovered the underlying cause of fuel leaks that led to a limited number of engine fires among an isolated number of H-47 helicopters and is taking remedial procedures to rectify this problem.”

She stated that while there were no fatalities or injuries, the army temporarily grounded the H-47 fleet out of an excess of caution until those remedial steps finished.

Boeing produces the Chinooks, formerly known as the CH-47 and used by the US military, the British military, and the armed forces of over 20 other nations.

The helicopters have two rotors and well-armed for combat circumstances. It allows them to transport oversized cargo.

They widely used in relief efforts after natural disasters.

Germany confirmed earlier this year that it would purchase 60 of the aircraft.

Argentina and the Philippines are also planning to purchase several in place of helicopters built in Russia.

Although Honeywell claimed not to in charge of the defective O-rings. It did not say where they were made or who fitted them.

The business said that it and the US Army could confirm that none of the disputed O-rings came from or use in any Honeywell-produced or -overhauled engines.