Create a Minecraft Sea Lantern

Create a Minecraft Sea Lantern: Are you looking for the recipe for the Sea Lantern in Minecraft? In Minecraft, light-emitting devices are essential because they shield you from enemies and other players.

One of the various lights in Minecraft, the sea lantern, is most often encounter in underwater biomes. Naturally, players utilize Sea Lantern to their advantage, but you may also employ it as a decorative piece for your underwater fortress.

But making a Sea Lantern in Minecraft is a complex process, so we’ve collected all the instructions together.

Ingredients for sea lanterns in Minecraft

You will need a few materials to create a Sea Lantern, just like with other Minecraft products. Here is a list of those ingredients:

  • Four pieces of pristine
  • Five crystals of pristine

How to Make a Sea Lantern in Minecraft

When you have all of these components, open the three-by-three crafting table and scatter all of the Prismarine Shards throughout the surface. The ultimate layout would be as follows after all Prismarine Crystals have been placed in the crafting table’s remaining cells:

Recipe for a sea lantern in Minecraft

Sea Lantern will show up on the right side of the screen after all the things have been arranged in the proper arrangement. To utilize it, hold it in your hand and drag it to your inventory.

Searching for them in underwater constructions like ocean monuments and underwater ruins is another approach to finding Sea Lantern in Minecraft.

Prepare several options, such as ones that will give you night vision and water breathing. To help you in the beginning while you undertake the underwater search. Then, explore the seas to a great depth to discover an underwater mountain.

Underwater Mountains in Minecraft

To get access to the mountain’s riches, you must first kill the mountain’s guardian. Then, finally, use a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch to gently pick up the translucent Sea Lantern bricks by searching for them.

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