Display your Minecraft XYZ coordinates

Display your Minecraft XYZ coordinates: When exploring and harvesting materials in Minecraft, keeping track of your position is crucial. You won’t lose many of the things you worked so hard to acquire if you know how to come home safe while traveling.

You will value being able to return to intriguing places as well. Instead of utilizing maps, which might be annoying, we advise using coordinates. Here’s how to display your Minecraft XYZ coordinates.

How to make your Minecraft coordinates visible

How your coordinates appear will change depending on the version of Minecraft you are using. One will always be visible thanks to tricks, while the other requires you to toggle a ton of data to view.

Your eastern and western numbers are X, your elevation is Y, and your northern and southern numbers are Z when looking at your coordinates.

How to display coordinates in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft

It would help if you turned on the Show Coordinates option for the Bedrock Edition. You may turn this option on or off as often as you want in the game settings.

This used to be seen as a hack and would prevent you from earning accomplishments, but it doesn’t anymore.

How to see coordinates in the Java Edition of Minecraft

There is no cheat option in Java as there is in Bedrock. You will instead enter a command that will transfer you directly to where you are now standing.

The location will then show in the game. For example, enter/tp in the in-game chat by pressing T. The game will then let you know your site.

The Debug Menu may also use to locate your coordinates. However, a lot of data will show at once.

Press F3 to access the XYZ Coordinate area, which is located in the screen’s center-left corner. To close the Debug Menu, press F3 once again.