FIFA sets a deadline of July 15 for AIFF Constitution approval

FIFA sets a deadline of July 15 for AIFF Constitution approval: The visiting FIFA-AFC delegation gave stakeholders until July 31 to adopt the national federation’s constitution and until September 15 to organize elections, failing which the nation risked being expelled from the international organization.

The delegation, headed by Asian Football Confederation General Secretary Windsor John, made it plain that the timelines must be carefully adhered to after its three-day national tour.

A FIFA suspension would prevent the nation from hosting the Women’s U-17 World Cup, which is scheduled for October.

“The combined FIFA-AFC team has made it plain that the dates must be rigorously followed. If not, the nation might be barred, and the U-17 Women’s World Cup will be forfeited; a senior source familiar with the talks told PTI about anonymity.

“The FIFA set a deadline for elections of September 15 so that the chosen office-bearers may assume their positions by September 20. This was done so that the new office bearers would have enough time to prepare for the U-17 Women’s World Cup.

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The CoA must now work to ensure that the AIFF’s new constitution is adopted by July 31. The state organizations have likewise promised to assist in any way they can.

The Praful Patel-led AIFF administration was overthrown by the Supreme Court last month, and a three-member Committee of Administrators (CoA) was established to draft a new constitution and organize elections for new office holders.

The next hearing or date is July 21. (though it is written July 23 on the docket). The new constitution is anticipated to be ratified within seven days of the Supreme Court’s approval.

In the morning, the state associations agreed to hold a special general body meeting within seven days of the SC’s decision.

“We have decided to have a general body meeting seven days after the SC approves the constitution. According to a state association official, the General Body must ultimately approve the new constitution to be a legally binding document.

“After that, we must submit it for FIFA’s ultimate clearance.” A proposal to conduct the AIFF elections 30 days rather than 50 days after the General Body approves the constitution was also adopted during the conference, which 35 state associations attended.

“Due to the tight time frame, we were forced to enact the resolution requiring elections to be held within 30 days. The state official warned that election day on September 15 would be challenging if we established a 50-day deadline.

The CoA will compile all stakeholder submissions/suggestions by June 30 and create a draft constitution by July 7 on its end. The final proposed constitution will be available by July 15 once the draft has been distributed to gather comments.

The CoA believes that delays and difficulty meeting deadlines may result if the concerns are presented later. The I-League and ISL club representatives were introduced to the visiting squad. It also met with FSDL, the ISL’s organizers. Later, it had a meeting with each of the parties involved. The delegation met the CoA for the second time during this meeting.

One participant in the discussion with I-League teams urged that the ISL initiate promotion and relegation immediately.

On Wednesday, the visiting team met with Anurag Thakur, the sports minister. It met Patel, a member of the influential FIFA Council, on the first day of its tour.