Get Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon Go

Get Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon Go: You may help yourself capture Pokémon in Pokémon Go by using the Daily Adventure Incense item. It functions differently from the standard incense item and getting it is likewise distinctive.

This item cannot be obtained from trainers on your friend’s list as a gift or at Poké Stops. We’ll discuss how to get Daily Adventure Incense in Pokémon Go in this article.

How to get Daily Adventure Incense

Only after finishing the Special Research, A Mysterious Incense Part 1 is the Daily Adventure Incense accessible. You should now be able to use the item after finding it in your item bag after acquiring it.

You may only use the Daily Adventure Incense once per day, and it lasts for 15 minutes. Therefore, to gather Pokémon drawn to your position at that period, you will need to move about.

These Pokémon are often rare Pokémon that you may locate nearby.
The Daily Adventure Incense will stop functioning and vanish from your Item Bag when the allotted 15 minutes have passed.

To get it again, you’ll have to wait till the day resets. After that, the item will resurface in your item bag so that you may use it once again to capture Pokémon.

The Daily Adventure Incense only functions if you move around and doesn’t take up any inventory space in your item bag. The item won’t work if you are running, driving, or moving too rapidly, preventing you from capturing Pokémon.

While the item is active, you should walk as often as possible to attract as many Pokémon as you can to your location.

Some Pokémon, such Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres, are even legendary. While you are wearing this, there is a minimal possibility that these Pokémon will emerge in the wild and much slimmer yet that you will manage to capture them.