India is ready to fight against the Taliban

India is ready to fight against the Taliban says army chief Bipin Rawat.

India ready to deal with Taliban terrorism, Army Chief Bipin Rawat said this Wednesday at a function. Speaking of the situation in Afghanistan, he said that India had already realized that the Taliban were going to retake Kabul. He also claimed that the Taliban hadn’t changed in 20 years.

What did he say exactly? “What happened in Afghanistan was predictable,” he said. However, the Indian army is ready to counter infiltration by the Taliban and prevent infiltration. ”

In the current situation, there is a risk of increased infiltration in the country. General Rawat had previously said that India was on the alert in this situation.

During a recent visit to Uttarakhand, he said that India was preparing for the changing situation in Afghanistan. Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said the same.

He said: “In this context, new challenges have created. Besides, India is making a strategy to deal with it.”

However, the Taliban have been occupying the country since US troops began withdrawing from Afghanistan. On August 15, they entered Kabul. After that, President Ashraf Ghani fled Kabul.

After he left the country, the Taliban became the rulers of Afghanistan. In this situation, fear in the minds of ordinary Afghans is growing.

The Taliban insurgency has already begun. The jihadists are conducting a house-to-house search.

Many Afghans leave the country and take refuge in other countries. India is also on that list.

On Wednesday, the Union Interior Ministry said Afghans would only need an electronic visa to India from Afghanistan.