Lewandowski will bring a

According to Robert Lewandowski’s new teammate Andreas Christensen, Barcelona needs a player with a “winning mindset.”

The La Liga powerhouse from Poland has arrived in Miami to finalize the transfer from Bayern Munich in time for Tuesday’s friendly against David Beckham’s Inter Miami.

Lewandowski, 33, joins a Barcelona team suffering both on and off the field due to Real Madrid, their bitter rivals, winning the championship and well-known financial issues creating issues behind the scenes.

However, Christensen, a member of the Danish national team, is convinced that the striker, who scored 348 goals in eight seasons with the Bundesliga, would blaze a trail for Spanish football if he moves there.

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Before a Barca practice in south Florida that drew 1,000 supporters, the defender told AFP that the player’s integration into the team had been “simple.”

He possesses the talents and winning attitude we need, but the squad has been fantastic at making new players feel comfortable.

His strengths are evident. Everyone is glad he’s here because he can motivate us and impart wisdom. Having him on the squad is fantastic.

A four-match tour of the United States will begin on Tuesday with a battle against Real in Las Vegas, a match against Juventus in Dallas, and a match against the New York Red Bulls on July 30.

Christensen, who left Chelsea at the end of last season and is set to make his Barcelona debut against Miami, has been impressed by the growth of soccer in North America. He continued: “I’ve talked about the game’s development in the United States with Christian Pulisic when I was at Chelsea, and it’s growing here. It isn’t easy to follow everything because the games are in the middle of the night.

“David Beckham has made Inter Miami more well-known, and the training facilities here are undoubtedly of the highest kind.”

Even though this matchup occurred during a key period of the MLS season for the former Manchester United and Everton player, Phil Neville, coach of Inter Miami, remarked, “We are all tremendously enthusiastic,” and he pledged to field a quality squad.

“We are playing a team in a sold-out stadium that is an institution, one of the largest sports teams in the whole world, making this the biggest game in the club’s history.

The size is due to this. However, we are here to compete, not to obtain autographs.