How to Play the Count the Fruit Round with Fall Guys Sum Fruit

Play the Count the Fruit Round with Fall Guys Sum Fruit: Do you want to know how to play Fall Guys‘ Count the Fruit? This round, also known as “Sum Fruit,” has confusing many players due to the ambiguous in-game description and the sometimes difficulty in actually discerning what fruit you’re meant to be jumping on.

To ensure that the minigame never prevents you from earning a Crown again, we’ll go over all you need to know about it in our Fall Guys Sum Fruit tutorial.

Play the Count the Fruit Round with Fall Guys Sum Fruit

Sum Fruit’s in-game synopsis is as follows: “Count the fruit. Then, stand on the fruit tile that corresponds to the amount shown on the displays.

Breaking the round into its parts, which begins with counting the fruit, will make it simpler to describe how this works.

1. Determine how many fruits fell into the arena.

Each game of Sum Fruit starts with a flurry of various fruits landing in the area where you and your fellow Bean players are seated. There will be a few pieces of each kind of fruit, which will range between three and four distinct sorts.

Guys, count the fruit this season.

After that, you have 12 seconds in the first round of Sum Fruit or 17 seconds in rounds two or three to recall how much each fruit kind there is.

2. Do not stray into the slime.

Purple slime will start to rise from the arena floor as the countdown expires. To prevent this, use the platforms at the arena’s center and walk on the following grey tiles.

Avoid stepping in the slime to avoid being eliminated.
Instead, to prevent the rising silt in Fall Guys Sum Fruit, choose a position on one of the colored platforms towards the center of the arena.

3. Check the numbers on the arena screens.

You will see several yellow screens around the arena’s perimeter when the grey tiles emerge. The number shown on these displays will match one of the varieties of fruit that fell into the hall.

4. Place Your Feet on the Fruit Tile That Corresponds to the Amount of Fruit Shown on the Screen.

One of the fruit varieties that fell into the arena will now display on the grey tiles. Place your foot on the tile with an image of the fruit whose quantity show on the screens surrounding the arena.

You would stand on the banana tile, for instance, if you counted four bananas and the number shown on the displays is 4.

Stand on the fruit tile that corresponds to the quantity shown on the screen and count the fruits.

It will take you five seconds to choose the right tile. The wrong-response fruit or other random item tiles will vanish when the correct answer show on the screen, causing the players standing on them to fall into the slime and eliminate from the game.

In Fall Guys, if you make it through all three rounds, you’ll go on to the next minigame.

That covers all the necessary information for playing the Sum Fruit minigame by Fall Guys. Check out more of our coverage of the game below for more tips and techniques.