How to Earn Rewards from Prime Gaming in Fall Guys

Earn Rewards from Prime Gaming in Fall Guys:  In Fall Guys, you may be wondering how to get Prime Gaming awards. Then stop searching since we have the perfect guide for you.

Millions of new players may now access Fall Guys thanks to its transition to a free-to-play model. In addition, if they connect their Fall Guys and Amazon accounts and have an Amazon Prime membership, new users may also obtain some free cosmetics.

Every month, a range of games cosmetics and in-game bonuses may find for free at Prime Gaming. Here’s how to get the Fall Guys Prime Gaming prizes now available.

How to Earn Rewards from Prime Gaming in Fall Guys

Connecting your Amazon account to Fall Guys may quickly redeem your free Prime Gaming Rewards. In addition, once your accounts are linked, you will be able to save a full costume each month and additional benefits.

However, you must have a current Amazon Prime subscription to do this.

For June 2022, the Fall Guys Prime Gaming benefits are:

The top and bottom outfits for The Amazing Falldazzler

6500 Kudos

Here is a step-by-step process for anybody inquiring how to connect their Amazon account to Fall Guys:

How to Earn Rewards from Prime Gaming in Fall, Guys

  • Launch Fall Guys, go to the settings screen from the main menu, and choose “Settings.”
  • On a PC, an Xbox, a touchpad, or the Menu button, you may access this by hitting Esc.
  • Visit the appropriate regional code page (UK players must go to and US players must go to after choosing “Link Amazon Account.”
  • Log in to your Amazon account to confirm that your Prime membership is active.
  • Type in the OTP that was sent to the associated cell phone.
  • When prompted, enter the coupon from Fall Guys on the Amazon website.
  • Give Prime Gaming permission to access your Fall Guys account.
  • Turn off Fall Guys on your PC or console and restart it.
  • Go to the Fall Guys Prime Gaming page next.
  • Choose the presently available bundle (it will have a “Claim Now” banner above it) and log in to your Amazon account.
  • Scroll down after logging in and click the Fall Guys rewards.
  • Choose the available award and click “Complete Claim.”
  • In a perfect world, a “Successfully Claim” option would appear.
  • Restart Fall Guys now, and you’ll see that your account has been updated with the Prime Gaming awards.

That’s pretty much all for the Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards system. Check out the rest of our Fall Guys article for more details on the game’s cross-play capabilities and a breakdown of its microtransaction costs.